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The correlation between Trump and divorce

Kentucky residents may be interested to hear that President Trump is playing a role in some couples' decisions to end their relationship. According to polling firm Wakefield Research, 10 percent of couples surveyed said that they were divorcing or breaking up because of their differing political views. Millennials were divorcing or breaking up at a rate of 22 percent because of that reason.

The problem with pets in a divorce

At different times in people's lives, they may develop a relationship with a furry friend that affects them deeply. Sometimes this happens in childhood, and other times later in life. Something about that bond with a dog, cat or other creature makes the hard times more bearable and the good times even better.

Litigate or collaborate: two ways to divide marital property

Like most people heading toward a divorce, you probably never expected to be in this place. It is likely a time of conflicting emotions and a great deal of stress. Beyond the emotions, however, you may also have practical thoughts about what life will be like after your marriage has ended.

When parents fight during divorce, kids suffer

The process of dissolving a marriage can be stressful and daunting. You may have heightened emotions during this period, and making decisions that are advantageous to your future can be challenging. These feelings can lead you to say and/or do things that can create a hostile environment during negotiations. Emotional decisions can be detrimental to the outcome of a divorce, but the negating of any financial losses may be possible in time. However, if you and your spouse have children together, a similar situation can cause them to suffer irreparable harm.

Deciding whether now is the time for a divorce

If you are living in an unhappy marriage, you might wonder if you are ready for a divorce. At Blankenship Massey & Associates, Attorneys at Law, we understand that this can be a difficult decision for many reasons. Like many Kentucky residents considering a divorce, you may be frightened at the prospect of living alone or worried about the impact a divorce will have on your children. The potential cost of a divorce could seem daunting, as well as the thought of a court battle. Fortunately, many issues you might face during a divorce are surmountable. The question now is whether it is time to throw in the towel.

Should you avoid a do-it-yourself divorce?

Numerous sources online and in person will tell you that it’s possible to do your own divorce, from writing out the terms to filing the paperwork. They may say that the entire process is simplified in this way, including saving you time and costing a lot less. Is it possible for you and other Kentucky residents to get a DIY divorce? Yes, but you may first want to consider the reasons why it may be more in your favor to consult a family law attorney.

Are couples with disabled children at a greater risk of divorce?

Having a disabled child can be a blessing to a family, but may also present unique challenges that some Kentucky residents feel they are not up to. In an ideal situation, both parents, as well as extended family members, would all help to care for a disabled child and support each other during the trying times. This is sadly not always the case, however. If you have a disabled child, you are probably well aware that while you would never trade the child you love for another, the challenges you face can sometimes strain a relationship.

Can I be held responsible for my ex’s debt?

Most couples accrue at least some debt during their marriage. If you are divorced, what you owed from credit cards, auto loans, your home mortgage and other debts was most likely divided by the court, since Kentucky is an equitable distribution state. You might have been told you had to repay a portion of the marital debt while your ex-spouse was responsible for the rest.

Being friends with your ex – part 2

Last week’s post touched upon the subject of getting along with your ex-spouse, particularly when it comes to co-parenting the children. Like many divorced parents in Kentucky, you might not necessarily be on friendly terms with your ex. At Blankenship Massey & Associates, Attorneys at Law, we understand that being civil to each other can make all the difference where the children are concerned.

Online activity may have family law consequences

The Internet and social media are useful for a variety of things, from staying in touch with friends and family to keeping track of finances. Online technology may also have family law repercussions for those living in Northern Kentucky and elsewhere. The activities people engage in online, as well as through text messaging, email and other outlets, may leave evidence that their spouse or significant other could later use against them.

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