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Gray divorce isn't referring to your hair color

Many Kentucky residents are currently navigating the divorce process. If you're one of them, you know it's seldom easy and often wrought with stress. If you happen to be age 50 or older, you may face even greater challenges than most. However, you are definitely not alone as the number of people in this age range seeking divorces has steadily increased in recent years.

In fact, so many older people are ending their marital relationships in court, a colloquial term has been applied to such situations. The common term for this type of divorce is now a gray divorce although it really has nothing to do with the color of your hair.

Why would someone already married 20 years or more get divorced?

No two situations are the same, and you and your spouse obviously have your own reasons for severing your marital ties, but there are other key issues that often play a part in people over age 50 deciding to divorce. Following is a list of some of those reasons:

  • People live longer nowadays. Marriage is often challenging, and the older people get, the longer they must live together. Some simply decide they are no longer able to overcome their differences as they age.
  • Many people, women in particular, gave up careers to stay home and raise children. Once their children are grown and leave home, they feel nothing is left to keep them there, and they make changes to move forward independently in life.
  • Also with regard to children, many people choose to overlook serious marital problems for their children's sake; however, once the kids are no longer at home, parents may decide that their most viable option to resolving their problems is to sever their ties altogether.
  • Studies show those who remarry often wind up divorcing again. Many baby boomers are now over age 50, and many are leaving their second, third or fourth marriage.

Regardless whether a particular incident led to your decision to abruptly end your marriage or you've been contemplating the situation for quite some time, if you were married more than 20 years, it's bound to be emotionally difficult. Even your adult children may suffer emotional trauma as they come to terms with your divorce. In addition to emotional upheaval, you may find yourself facing tremendous legal challenges as well.

In such cases, it's best to entrust your assets and protect your rights by aligning yourself with aggressive legal representation from the start. An experienced family law attorney can act in your best interests to seek a swift and agreeable outcome to any gray divorce problem you're currently facing.

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