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Divorcing parents can work together on custody issues

For many Kentucky parents considering divorce, figuring out custody issues is a major concern. Almost any divorce means that each parent will have somewhat less time with their children. For close, involved parents, this can be difficult to contemplate. Handling the complications and changes that come along with co-parenting can also be a rewarding, but difficult journey.

Understanding the different types of child custody

Child custody decisions in Kentucky are made by judges when parents cannot agree. The goal of every legal decision on child custody is to do what is in the best interest of the child, and custody does not always mean either sole custody or joint custody. There are several different types of arrangements that can be made, all of them based on the legal definition of the two types of custody: physical and legal.

New ideas about parenting could lead to new laws

In Kentucky, in most cases both parents will have equal access to their children when custody orders are issued. This has been part of a trend throughout the United States to give parents the right to raise their children when they are no longer married to their spouses. Those who support bills that encourage shared parenting believe that it looks at families as they are today.

Holidays can be a challenge during divorce

The annual winter holiday season can be a particularly difficult time for people going through a divorce in Kentucky and across the nation. The season is associated with family activities and long-term memories, and for divorcing couples with children, making new memories for the kids can be a challenge. Dealing positively and productively with the holidays while going through a divorce can be particularly important to promoting stability and security for children facing the end of their parents' marriage.

Common reasons why marriages end

It is not uncommon for Kentucky residents to experience problems in their relationship. Typically, the difference between successful couples and those that end their relationships is how they handle conflict. However, there are many common conflicts that may spell the end of a marriage. Among the top reasons are both physical and emotional affairs caused in many cases by social media or other tools that allow greater connectivity.

Providing constancy between households after divorce

One of the common problems many Kentucky divorced parents face is how to implement rules that provide consistency for children living in two different households. Parents typically have differing belief systems on which rules should be established in shared custody situations and how strongly they should be enforced. However, if parents can develop a strategy to create normalcy between households, it can go far in helping the children adjust after the divorce.

Sole custody may not be beneficial for mothers

Many northern Kentucky residents may still believe that fathers should be responsible for financially supporting the family while the mothers stay home and raise the children. In part due to these traditional views, divorce courts still overwhelmingly award sole or primary physical custody to mothers.

A strong parenting plan is better for every member of the family

When two parents divorce, it can have a significant emotional impact on the children. Some Kentucky families may find that it is beneficial to work together on a parenting plan that allows the children to have some continuity of lifestyle and stability, even long after the divorce process is final.

Why parental rights may be terminated

To some Kentucky parents, losing their parental rights may come as a relief. For others, it may come as a warning to do better to provide for their children. In some cases, a termination is voluntary and may be the precursor to an adoption. There are many different reasons why a parent may lose rights to his or her child. For instance, a child may be taken out of a home because of chronic physical abuse.

Nesting as a custody arrangement

Divorce can be a difficult time for children, and estranged parents in Kentucky and around the country usually approach child custody and visitation talks constructively even when they are mired in contentious negotiations over property division or spousal support. Parents often do all that they can to protect their children from the emotional traumas of divorce, and one of the most recent developments in this area is custody arrangements involving what is known as nesting.

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