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Study finds fathers often favored in child custody disputes

Some people in Kentucky may assume that in a custody battle between parents, the mother always gets preference over the father. However, research conducted by a professor from the George Washington University Law School suggests that this is not the case. The professor examined 2,000 child custody cases that involved parental alienation, child abuse and domestic violence. The professor found that a mother's claim of child abuse was never substantiated in court if the father's claim of parental alienation was accepted.

Successfully managing finances while co-parenting

In the United States, about 40 to 50% of married couples divorce. This means that many Kentucky parents are co-parenting. While many co-parents deal with difficulties surrounding decisions that need to be made while co-parenting, financial stress can be minimized when the following steps are taken.

Parents should try to raise their children together

Kentucky parents who get divorced may find it easier on themselves and their children when they work together to raise their kids. The primary benefit for a child is knowing that he or she can count on both parents being in their lives no matter what happens. Parents benefit because they don't have to pay the full financial and emotional cost that comes with helping their kids transition into adults.

Media depictions of noncustodial parents give rise to myths

When media outlets in Kentucky and around the country cover stories about noncustodial parents, they usually involve men who have failed to pay court-ordered child support or fathers who have turned their backs on their children to pursue careers or other goals. While it is true that most noncustodial parents are men, just about all of the other stereotypes about them are based more on myth than on fact.

Co-parenting as a divorcee

Co-parents are considered to be the legal parents or guardians of children. There are certain protocols divorced parents in Kentucky can follow to develop a co-parenting relationship that is effective at addressing the needs of their children.

Joint parenting schedules benefit children

Divorcing couples in Kentucky should consider developing a joint parenting schedule. These plans can help to reduce the disruptions to a child's schedule that commonly occur after a divorce. Parents should aim to set aside their own egos and put the children's needs first.

Grandparents and custody rights

In Kentucky and other states, individuals may have the right to petition for custody rights to their grandchildren. A court could be willing to grant custody rights to grandparents in the event that the child's parent is abusive, unable to care for him or her or has passed away. The court hearing the matter will also need to determine that granting custody to a grandparent is in the child's best interest.

How to plan for the holidays as a divorced parent

Divorced and separated parents in Northern Kentucky may wonder how to approach the holidays. The holidays can be stressful for anyone, but they are especially hard on divorced couples and their children. However, approaching the holidays with a pre-decided plan in place can make things easier on everyone involved.

Deciding between co-parenting and parallel parenting

Parents in Kentucky may have questions about how to raise their children after a divorce. Co-parenting and parallel parenting are both valid child-rearing structures that exes can choose to follow. However, deciding which is best for the individual situation requires weighing some pros and cons.

The pros and cons of birdnesting

Parents in Kentucky and elsewhere generally want what is best for their children after a divorce. One way to do this is to allow a child to remain in the same home in which he or she lived prior to the divorce. In a process called nesting, the child remains in the family home while the parents rotate between that residence and an outside dwelling.

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