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Splitting 401(k) funds for a divorce

One of the issues divorcing couples in Kentucky may have to address is the separation of the assets, including retirement money. Couples should take care with how they divide their retirement accounts, such as 401(k) funds, as the different types of retirement accounts are governed by different rules. Dividing the money the wrong way can result in one ex-spouse receiving a bigger portion of the funds than the account holder wanted. It can also result in the parties having to pay high penalties and a large tax bill.

Transitioning to post-divorce financial health requires planning

Kentucky couples navigating the sometimes challenging process of getting divorced typically view the signing of the final decree as the end of the line. For most couples, however, there is still work to be done after everyone agrees on the final terms of the marital dissolution. While they may be eager to say goodbye, ex-spouses must continue to work together in order to finish the process.

Marriage myths that can result in divorce

When a Kentucky couple ties the knot, their family members and friends often talk about how healthy, long-lasting marriages should be. There are often some common pieces of advice: that spouses should actively listen to each other and that marriages should always be equal. However, these two ideals can actually cause marriages to fail.

Digital spying and divorce

When couples in Kentucky divorce, it is not unusual for animosity to emerge. This can be particularly true in situations when allegations of adultery or abuse abound. New technologies have made it easier for spouses to spy on each other, which can potentially have an impact on divorce proceedings.

Tips for getting ready to divorce

The end of the holiday season or summer vacation is a popular time to file for divorce. Many people in Kentucky may feel they have given the marriage a final effort to no avail. However, whether or not a decision has been made about a divorce, they can still take steps to prepare themselves.

Why financial planning for protection in divorce is important

Despite the fact that four out of 10 marriages end in divorce, few people in Kentucky and elsewhere have financial plans in place to protect themselves in the event that their marriages might end. While people may feel strange about thinking about these matters in case they get divorced, doing so may be a smart choice.

Identifying and responding to parental alienation

Parental alienation involves one parent trying to turn a child against the other, and it may be a serious concern for some parents in northern Kentucky after a divorce. It may begin gradually, such as with a parent's request to postpone a visitation because the child is sick or has homework to do. Later, the child might have a behavioral change and become argumentative.

Considerations in postponing divorce for the children

Some Kentucky parents might consider postponing divorce for their children's sake. There could be a number of reasons to do this. For example, the couple might not have thoroughly explored counseling and other options that could help them repair the relationship.

Tips for talking to kids about divorce

You may relate to many parents who say raising children in Kentucky is often a rewarding experience. You may also understand those who say it has been their greatest challenge. Perhaps your personal experience lies somewhere in between, with many good days and happy memories as well as times you'd rather forget. Parenting is a journey, to be sure. There are several types of situations, such as divorce, that can cause stress in your relationship with your children.

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