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Shared parenting can help resolve custody concerns

Dealing with child custody is often a major concern for divorced parents in Kentucky. While there are many widely held beliefs about shared parenting and child custody, many assumptions are inaccurate. Shared parenting, in which both of the parents share physical and often legal custody of a child, is an increasingly popular standard for courts working out parenting plans.

The possiblity of getting a divorce

There are many different reasons why married couples in Kentucky may decide to go their separate ways. Those who are still considering getting married may benefit from learning about the factors that can increase the likelihood of their getting a divorce.

Wage garnishments, child support and demographic data

Some Kentucky workers may have their wages garnished if they have unpaid child support. A study released on Sept. 27 by the ADP Research Institute found that around 7 percent of workers nationwide have their wages garnished for some type of debt. More than 70 percent of garnishments are of men's wages, and these are largely for child support. When women's wages are garnished, it is usually for other types of debts.

Determining which assets to take in a divorce

When Kentucky residents get a divorce, they may have to divide martial assets with their former spouses. However, it is important to know that not all assets are equal. For instance, it may seem ideal to keep a family home, but the costs of maintaining it in addition to making a mortgage payment may not be worth it. These costs may not be affordable when they are paid with one income instead of two.

Establishing paternity through a DNA test

When Kentucky parents are not married, the alleged father of the child may be asked by the mother to pay child support. Before the court will order the alleged father to pay, however, those involved in the child support dispute will usually be required to undergo DNA testing.

Divorce myths can mislead separating spouses

Sometimes, it seems to estranged Kentucky couples that everyone has gone through a divorce. While this can help them receive a sympathetic ear, it can also lead to a surfeit of incorrect legal advice from well-intentioned, yet ill-informed, friends and family members.

What to do if a person is falsely accused of child abuse

As Kentucky residents are becoming more aware about child abuse, more reports are being made. While some of these reports are substantiated, there are many others that involve accusations that are simply not true. Although these reports are often made in good faith, the allegations can be particularly harmful and even result in a loss of custody. If a person finds that they are being accused of child abuse, there are certain things they should and should not do.

Do you need permission to change your child’s last name?

It is common for many mothers in Kentucky and elsewhere to have a different last name from their children after a divorce. Some decide to keep their married surnames, but others revert to their maiden names. If you set aside your married name after your divorce, it might upset you that your children still have their father’s last name. It could be a bad reminder of an unhappy marriage. Consequently, you might consider changing their last name to your maiden name. Is it possible to do this if your spouse is no longer in the picture?

What are some of the challenges a custodial grandparent faces?

Many grandparents in Northern Kentucky and elsewhere end up raising their grandchildren. For a wide variety of reasons, you might find yourself the unexpected caregiver of your children’s children. You are likely to face numerous challenges as a result – financially, emotionally, physically and legally. It may help to be informed and prepared for what you might be dealing with if you are the guardian of your grandchildren.

How can you improve your credit after a divorce?

As we have discussed in a recent post, many people in Kentucky and elsewhere experience financial difficulties after getting a divorce. Whether your problems are short-term or more long-lasting, they can be frustrating and disheartening, to say the least. The sudden loss of income and security when going from a two-adult household to managing your finances on your own can result in such financial issues as bad credit, unpaid bills and bankruptcy.

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