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Child support and the military

Military veterans and service members in Kentucky who have to pay child support should understand the federal regulations governing child support. Military members are required by federal regulations to pay support for their custodial and non-custodial children.

Military divorce rate continues its slow fall in 2018

The rate of divorce among active-duty members of the military has been falling slowly for about 10 years. Service members in Kentucky may be interested to learn that this trend continued in 2018, according to recently released data. The figure is calculated by comparing the number of service members who were married at the beginning of the year with the number who were still married at the year's end. The overall divorce rate is about 3%, which is down by approximately 0.1% from 2017.

How to handle child custody before the divorce

When people with children get a divorce in Kentucky, there is an interim period after they agree to divorce but before the divorce is final, when their custodial rights are equal. This means that, for example, either parent could take the child out of state.

Keeping secrets at work places military marriages at risk

While many find it better to leave their work at the office, successful marriages often include sharing those day-to-day events. In fact, very few can completely turn off their work life when they come home, and the ability to talk about daily stresses and complaints with a loving spouse somehow makes them easier to bear.

Military personnel may have right to stay hearings

Military personnel living and working in Kentucky should be aware of their rights under the Servicemembers' Civil Relief Act of 2003. The act covers all active duty service members, and the protections it offers remain in force, generally speaking, until between 30 and 90 days after the date active duty terminates with discharge. In some cases the protections may last longer.

How will my military service affect child custody?

Military life is hard on a family. Unfortunately, many couples in Kentucky and elsewhere end up getting divorced because it can all be too much to bear. While going through the dissolution process may be the best thing for the couple, if they have children, it can take a real toll on their little lives. This is especially true if you have to deal with frequent deployments or moves. How does child custody work when military service is a factor?

What you should know about the USFSPA and how it affects divorce

Military and civilian divorces share common ground that includes child support, child custody, alimony, property division and other aspects of marital dissolution. However, marriages ending where one spouse is serving in a branch of the military present unique and significant complexities.

Establishing paternity and knowing your rights if you're deployed

The challenges a deployment present a soldier depend heavily on that soldier's situation. Take for example a soldier, recently divorced or separated from their child's other parent. For an individual in this situation, challenges can go beyond missing time with a child. A deployment can also mean missing important court dates or not being able to address court actions when needed.

Military’s adultery law seen as an unjust invasion of privacy

As previous posts in this blog have explained, military divorce can be vastly different from civilian family law. Many of the issues and disputes experienced by civilians are the same for Northern Kentucky residents serving in the military, but they can be handled in an unexpected way by a military court. In some cases, military family law could be seen as unfair or outdated.

Filing for divorce is more complicated with military life

Divorce is rarely straightforward, no matter where you are in life. If you or your spouse is in the military, ending your marriage may involve even more complications. We understand the many nuances of military divorce at Blankenship Massey & Associates, Attorneys at Law, and are prepared to answer your questions regarding filing for divorce in Northern Kentucky or another state.

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