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Grandparents and custody rights

In Kentucky and other states, individuals may have the right to petition for custody rights to their grandchildren. A court could be willing to grant custody rights to grandparents in the event that the child's parent is abusive, unable to care for him or her or has passed away. The court hearing the matter will also need to determine that granting custody to a grandparent is in the child's best interest.

How to plan for the holidays as a divorced parent

Divorced and separated parents in Northern Kentucky may wonder how to approach the holidays. The holidays can be stressful for anyone, but they are especially hard on divorced couples and their children. However, approaching the holidays with a pre-decided plan in place can make things easier on everyone involved.

Deciding between co-parenting and parallel parenting

Parents in Kentucky may have questions about how to raise their children after a divorce. Co-parenting and parallel parenting are both valid child-rearing structures that exes can choose to follow. However, deciding which is best for the individual situation requires weighing some pros and cons.

The pros and cons of birdnesting

Parents in Kentucky and elsewhere generally want what is best for their children after a divorce. One way to do this is to allow a child to remain in the same home in which he or she lived prior to the divorce. In a process called nesting, the child remains in the family home while the parents rotate between that residence and an outside dwelling.

What fathers can do to get visitation, manage child support

Some unmarried Kentucky fathers might struggle to get custody or visitation rights. Since the vast majority of custodial parents are mothers, fathers may also have trouble keeping up child support payments. However, these dads should still try to pay something toward support. They can always go to court and ask for a modification. In certain cases, such as after a job loss, a modification will be easier to obtain.

What to consider before relocating with a child

Kentucky parents and others may have a need to relocate for work or other purposes. However, if the noncustodial parent has visitation or other rights to a child, the custodial parent may need to get permission to relocate. Whether or not permission is granted depends on whether or not the relocation is in the best interests of the child. This is generally determined based on how far the parent is moving and why the move is taking place.

Important tips for co-parenting after divorce

When Kentucky parents get divorced, they may still have to maintain a co-parenting relationship for years. The most important aspect of this relationship is making sure they put the best interests of the children first. This includes encouraging the child's relationship with the other parent regardless of any animosity between the exes.

How to decide whether to share legal custody after a divorce

Joint legal custody is one option for parents in Kentucky who get a divorce. Parents who have legal custody have the right to decide about issues such as their child's religion, health care and schooling. It is a common arrangement for divorced parents to share legal custody while only one has physical custody and the other has visitation rights.

Parenting plans can adjust to work schedules

When Northern Kentucky parents consider divorce, they may be ready to end their marriage but be concerned about the effects on their children. More precisely, the separation from their former partner can also come along with a substantial decrease in time with their children. Child custody and visitation schedules can be complex, especially when both parents work full-time, often with varying shifts and days of the week on the job. However, custody and visitation schedules can be planned in order to meet the employment needs of both parents while encouraging a strong relationship between the parents and children after the divorce.

How to obtain a shared parenting ruling

Shared parenting is the idea that both parents have an equal or significant say in how their children are raised. Such an arrangement is created when it is in the best interest of the child and when the parents ask for it. One of the main benefits of a shared parenting arrangement is that kids in Kentucky and elsewhere have both parents in their lives on a regular basis.

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