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Are couples with disabled children at a greater risk of divorce?

Having a disabled child can be a blessing to a family, but may also present unique challenges that some Kentucky residents feel they are not up to. In an ideal situation, both parents, as well as extended family members, would all help to care for a disabled child and support each other during the trying times. This is sadly not always the case, however. If you have a disabled child, you are probably well aware that while you would never trade the child you love for another, the challenges you face can sometimes strain a relationship.

Can I be held responsible for my ex’s debt?

Most couples accrue at least some debt during their marriage. If you are divorced, what you owed from credit cards, auto loans, your home mortgage and other debts was most likely divided by the court, since Kentucky is an equitable distribution state. You might have been told you had to repay a portion of the marital debt while your ex-spouse was responsible for the rest.

Being friends with your ex – part 2

Last week’s post touched upon the subject of getting along with your ex-spouse, particularly when it comes to co-parenting the children. Like many divorced parents in Kentucky, you might not necessarily be on friendly terms with your ex. At Blankenship Massey & Associates, Attorneys at Law, we understand that being civil to each other can make all the difference where the children are concerned.

Online activity may have family law consequences

The Internet and social media are useful for a variety of things, from staying in touch with friends and family to keeping track of finances. Online technology may also have family law repercussions for those living in Northern Kentucky and elsewhere. The activities people engage in online, as well as through text messaging, email and other outlets, may leave evidence that their spouse or significant other could later use against them.

The other side of amicable divorce

If you are preparing for a divorce, you may have heard or read that an amicable divorce is often best, especially if you have children. Amicable, or uncontested, divorce occurs when both spouses are able to resolve their divorce matters without litigation. At Blankenship Massey & Associates, Attorneys at Law, we know that divorcing amicably can reduce conflict in many cases for Kentucky couples, and that this may be beneficial to children. However, there may be some unforeseen and surprising ramifications to divorcing without conflict, which you should know about so you can address them appropriately.

When Would I Need a QDRO?

If you need to split a retirement account with your spouse during a divorce, you are not alone. Countless other couples in northern Kentucky have had to do the same thing. While this may be a common event in a divorce, it does not mean it is simple nor without its specific issues. There may be tax implications to splitting a 401(K) account between two persons, especially since only one of you will be named as the actual owner of the plan. What are those tax implications and can they be minimized?

Financial problems may be troubling after a divorce

At Blankenship Massey & Associates, Attorneys at Law, we understand the different ways that our Kentucky clients are impacted in a divorce. In addition to the heartache, stress and emotional conflict that a divorce can entail, you are likely to face financial challenges. It is possible that your credit score could be negatively impacted, especially if you were the spouse who earned less or stayed at home without working.

Ex-Louisville football coach avoids testifying in divorce

Because Kentucky is a no-fault divorce state, it is not necessary that either spouse prove the other did something specific to cause the relationship to sour. However, it can still come up as an issue, perhaps when the spouses are fighting over child custody and one spouse wants to paint the other as an unfit parent.

Easing the stress and complication of divorce for children

When Kentucky couples file for divorce, it is likely that they have already dealt with month or years of stress, fighting and difficulty. It is normal for this stress to spill over into the divorce process itself, resulting in protracted litigation. This complication is not only experienced by the parents but also by the children, who will be greatly impacted by the end of the marriage. 

Divorce + social media = divorce selfies

All of us who are active on social media have friends who seem to believe that nothing they experience, from a vacation to a breakfast, really happened unless they post a picture of it online. The “selfie” is especially popular with these folks, who apparently think that their friends are demanding daily self-portraits.

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