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Filing for divorce after the holidays

For many reasons, it is common for a Kentucky couple to choose to wait until after the holidays to file for divorce. The post-holiday season typically brings an increase in divorce filings, and no matter which party has filed or intends to file for divorce, it is useful to know how to effectively navigate the divorce process. After surviving the holiday season, it may be tempting to make decisions based on emotional victories.

How will divorce affect your Social Security benefits?

The way Social Security benefits work, the amount you receive at retirement depends in large part on how much you earned in income while you were working. In many households, one spouse is the sole breadwinner and the other spouse works as a homemaker. In other cases, both spouses work, but one earns significantly more than the other.

Patience is a virtue during divorce

Divorce is often a frustrating process, and it is easy to make decisions based on temporary emotions. While it is tempting to seek emotional victories during a Kentucky divorce, it can be better for one's long-term stability to maintain a patient approach, seeking a practical resolution to disputes. Patience during the actual proceedings could be the key to a strong post-divorce future.

Internet survey ranks Kentucky divorces as 'cordial'

In the movies, divorce is often portrayed as rancorous and dramatic, with loud arguments, angry accusations and vows to drag out the process as long as possible. In reality, some marriages end this way, but other times, there are few fireworks; one or both spouses simply decide that the marriage cannot be saved, and act to end it.

Even in high-asset divorce, spousal support may not be permanent

Divorce brings many concerns, including those regarding financial stability after the process is final. In order to provide the lesser-earning spouse with a cushion in the months and years following a divorce, spousal support is sometimes granted. This is given to a spouse after consideration of many factors, including income, the length of the marriage and more.

Governor, wife finalize divorce after 50 years of marriage

It is tempting to assume that once a couple has been married long enough, they are going to stay together “til death,” the truth is that divorce can happen at any stage of life. In a highly public example, the governor of Alabama and his wife have gotten divorced after 50 years of marriage.

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