Lawyers with the firm are licensed to practice in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana. Our areas of service include:

  • Family law: Blankenship Massey & Associates helps clients successfully navigate divorce, child custody matters and other legal challenges that affect their individual and family lives.
  • Bankruptcy: Our attorneys represent clients in bankruptcy proceedings in federal court, helping them protect their interests and conquer problematic debt.
  • Educational law: The firm has a high level of experience in education matters, including those related to employment claims, school boards, special education and contracts.
  • Military law: We have extensive experience representing service members in both military and civilian courts, with a long track record of success in trials and appellate matters. We are well-versed in military divorce and family law.
  • Criminal defense: Attorneys with the firm provide clients with thorough, aggressive defense against criminal charges — both felonies and misdemeanors — such as DUI, sex crimes and drug possession.
  • Personal injury: Blankenship Massey & Associates represents injured people and their families, litigating cases related to negligence.
  • Workers' compensation: Our firm helps injured workers obtain the maximum workers' comp benefits to which they are entitled by law.
  • Consumer protection: Lawyers with the firm have been successful in lawsuits against negligent parties that wronged our clients.

C. Ed Massey and Randy J. Blankenship are trial lawyers with decades of real courtroom experience. Both have tried many cases. Both are committed to excellent service and excellent results.

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