Considerations in postponing divorce for the children

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Some Kentucky parents might consider postponing divorce for their children’s sake. There could be a number of reasons to do this. For example, the couple might not have thoroughly explored counseling and other options that could help them repair the relationship.

A couple may also want to postpone divorce when they consider that it could affect their child’s emotional stability and likelihood of also getting a divorce later in life. Parents may also realize that the benefits of staying together are greater than the costs of doing so. However, they need to be realistic about what those costs are. The sacrifice may include giving up the possibility of a functional relationship.

In some cases, there may be good reasons to leave. For example, a person may want to file for divorce if there is abuse in the relationship. Another reason to end a marriage might be if the children realize that there is conflict. This can be difficult to hide, and children pick up on the stress and unhappiness of their parents. This can, in turn, create stress for them. After time spent in counseling, parents may realize that they cannot salvage their marriage and that they will all be happier after a divorce.

The end of a marriage means that parents will need to make an agreement about child custody. They may want to opt for shared custody in which the child spends roughly equal time with both parents. If they cannot reach an agreement, a judge will decide. The judge will make a choice that is in the best interests of the child. This may include considering who the child’s main caregiver is, what situation would give the child the most stability and the child’s preferences.