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Holidays can be a challenge during divorce

The annual winter holiday season can be a particularly difficult time for people going through a divorce in Kentucky and across the nation. The season is associated with family activities and long-term memories, and for divorcing couples with children, making new memories for the kids can be a challenge. Dealing positively and productively with the holidays while going through a divorce can be particularly important to promoting stability and security for children facing the end of their parents' marriage.

Children are very much affected by their parents' actions. Divorcing spouses can work together to make the holiday season as pleasant and warm as possible for the children, even as the parents deal with a difficult situation or a potentially contentious divorce. Renewing traditions may be one good way to help preserve children's sense of stability, such as bringing the kids to the same traditional family activities they have enjoyed every year. On the other hand, positive new traditions can start in any given year as long as children are given the love and support they need.

How to handle child custody before the divorce

When people with children get a divorce in Kentucky, there is an interim period after they agree to divorce but before the divorce is final, when their custodial rights are equal. This means that, for example, either parent could take the child out of state.

For this reason and the child's sake, it is best to establish a plan for custody during the divorce. This may be an informal verbal agreement, or it might be a court order. The important part is to establish structure for the children's sake. Parents also should keep in mind that their behavior during this time could have some bearing on the court's decision about custody. If they are irresponsible with their children or refuse to cooperate with the other parent, it could be looked upon unfavorably by the court.

Considerations in postponing divorce for the children

Some Kentucky parents might consider postponing divorce for their children's sake. There could be a number of reasons to do this. For example, the couple might not have thoroughly explored counseling and other options that could help them repair the relationship.

A couple may also want to postpone divorce when they consider that it could affect their child's emotional stability and likelihood of also getting a divorce later in life. Parents may also realize that the benefits of staying together are greater than the costs of doing so. However, they need to be realistic about what those costs are. The sacrifice may include giving up the possibility of a functional relationship.

Tips for talking to kids about divorce

You may relate to many parents who say raising children in Kentucky is often a rewarding experience. You may also understand those who say it has been their greatest challenge. Perhaps your personal experience lies somewhere in between, with many good days and happy memories as well as times you'd rather forget. Parenting is a journey, to be sure. There are several types of situations, such as divorce, that can cause stress in your relationship with your children.

You likely already know that your divorce will greatly impact your children's lives. That does not necessarily mean their lives will be ruined, however. A key factor in helping them cope and move forward to a new lifestyle is keeping the lines of communication open and letting them know your marital split is not their fault.

The home study opens the doors to adopting a child

Having children is a joyous occasion. You certainly have friends on Facebook who post minute-by-minute accounts of their pregnancies, deliveries and their child's every facial expression. While you may share their joy, a part of you also aches to share their experience.

There are many reasons why people choose to adopt. You may be a single person who has much to offer a child. Perhaps you are in a same-sex marriage and want children to complete your family. Maybe you and your spouse have struggled long enough with infertility. Whatever your reasons, the decision to adopt a child is not easily made, and, exciting as it may be, the process of adoption can sometimes be frustrating, beginning with the home study.

Steps for filing for a divorce

Married couples in Kentucky who want to get divorced may be at a loss on how to get the process started. They should know that not all divorces will be the same and that legally separating from a spouse can be stressful.

While having an attorney to protect one's interests and rights is advisable, it is possible to file for a divorce without legal representation. Couples then have the options of using mediation, collaborative divorce processes, litigation or attempting to arrive at settlement terms themselves. However, it is important to understand the main steps of a divorce.

A few facts about child support in Kentucky

Supporting a child financially is a parent's job. It seems simple enough until there is a legal order to do it; then, it seems to get awfully complicated. If you will require a child support order in the near future, it is normal to have questions about it and what Kentucky laws have to say on the matter.

Some of the most common questions support paying parents ask are: How much will I have to pay? Can I ever request a modification to the amount? How long do I have to pay and what happens if I do not meet my obligation? All great questions and all have relatively simple answers.

Research looks at reasons for divorce

Spouses in Kentucky who haven't finished high school or have an age gap of at least 10 years with their partners are more likely to get divorced. These were among the findings of a number of studies that have examined factors in divorce.

Research also shows that people who marry after their early 30s or in their teens are more likely to get a divorce than people who marry in their late 20s. According to a 2016 study, marriages in which the husband did not work full time were also more vulnerable to divorce, and this did not seem to be related to income level. It might be because some men feel that they should be the breadwinner.

Common reasons why marriages end

It is not uncommon for Kentucky residents to experience problems in their relationship. Typically, the difference between successful couples and those that end their relationships is how they handle conflict. However, there are many common conflicts that may spell the end of a marriage. Among the top reasons are both physical and emotional affairs caused in many cases by social media or other tools that allow greater connectivity.

Money may also cause issues in a relationship. For some, not having enough money can lead to stress and fights about other issues. For others, the fact that a woman may earn more than a man in a relationship can cause stress. An addiction may signal the end of a marriage because the addiction may take top priority over a spouse or children.

The possiblity of getting a divorce

There are many different reasons why married couples in Kentucky may decide to go their separate ways. Those who are still considering getting married may benefit from learning about the factors that can increase the likelihood of their getting a divorce.

Individuals whose biological parents got a divorce may follow in their footsteps. The results of a study that involved evaluating data of almost 20,000 adults who had been adopted as children indicate that there may be a natural reason for this. The researchers found that the marriage and divorce trends of the study subjects were more in line with those of their natural rather than adoptive parents. This is attributed to the fact that children can inherit aspects of their parents' personalities. Some personality traits, like impulsivity and neuroticism, are associated with an increased likelihood of divorce.

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