Let Our Trial Lawyers Help You Defend Against A DUI Charge

A DUI charge in Kentucky, Ohio or Indiana carries severe consequences and penalties. At Blankenship Massey & Associates, Attorneys at Law, we take every DUI charge seriously. Anyone accused of DUI could lose their license, be sentenced to jail time and face a criminal record that prohibits them from finding employment or signing a lease. We are here to help you avoid that.

From our offices in Erlanger and Dry Ridge, Kentucky, we challenge every aspect of the prosecution’s case in order to protect our clients’ rights and seek the best possible outcome. When you are facing criminal charges, you need a firm that won’t accept a plea agreement in your case for the sake of expediency. Our attorneys excel at trial and never shy away from taking each and every case as far in the courts as possible. Our trial tactics and strategies are driven by our clients’ best interests. When we take on a DUI case, we conduct our own investigation. We investigate and challenge:

  • The initial traffic stop
  • The field sobriety test
  • The chemical test
  • The Breathalyzer test

Our attorneys have extensive experience in defense against enhanceable crime charges resulting from multiple DUI arrests. If you have a prior DUI conviction and are facing a new charge, we encourage you to contact us today.

Comprehensive DUI Legal Defense

Wherever you are charged in the tri-state area, a DUI conviction can lead to jail time, a suspended license, DUI classes and ignition interlock devices that must be installed in your vehicle. With all of these penalties, including felony charges, a DUI conviction raises the financial and liberty stakes faced by every citizen. In particular, clients with prior a DUI conviction face increased penalties, including felony DUI convictions. In such cases, lawyers with extensive drunk driving criminal defense experience are essential. The potential penalties are far too severe to trust your DUI defense to attorneys who lack trial experience. Our attorneys enjoy trials and have extensive courtroom exposure and experience. We will investigate the procedures used by the arresting officer and his or her level of experience. We have also had great successes in identifying potential witnesses. We go to great lengths to build the best possible case, and we prepare every case as if it is going to trial.

Launch Your DUI Defense With Our Attorneys

Like every U.S. citizen, you deserve a great legal defense. When you are facing DUI charges in the tri-state area, contact Blankenship Massey & Associates. Call 859-905-0936 (toll free 800-491-9956) or send us a message online to schedule a free initial consultation with one of our experienced trial lawyers.