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Expungement is the process of getting a criminal charge, a conviction or an arrest entirely removed from your record. Without an expungement, your criminal record will show up any time someone runs a background check. Having a criminal record can hurt your employment opportunities, educational opportunities and eligibility for certain government programs. Expungement helps you wipe your record clean, so you can move on with your life without worrying about a charge, a conviction or an arrest hindering your future.

IMPORTANT: Most expungements are not automatic. Automatic expungement applies only to certain types of acquittals or dismissals. Even then, the expungement may not be granted automatically. The best way to ensure that your record is expunged is to get help from the expungement attorneys at Blankenship Massey & Associates. We handle misdemeanor and felony expungements throughout Kentucky.

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Are You Eligible For Expungement In Kentucky?

In general, you are eligible to get a charge expunged if you were found not guilty, the charge was dismissed, or a grand jury did not indict you within six months.

Again, it is very important that you get help from an experienced expungement lawyer, even if you know you qualify for expungement. You need someone on your side who is familiar with the expungement process and can ensure that your case avoids errors and pitfalls.

Misdemeanor Expungements Vs. Felony Expungements

There are different timelines for misdemeanor expungements and felony expungements. There are also different timelines depending on whether your charge was dismissed with prejudice or without prejudice. Our expungement attorneys can review your case and give you an idea of how long it will take for the charge to be expunged.

If you need to get multiple misdemeanors expunged, we can help you do that, but the timeline may depend on when you completed your sentence.

It may also be possible to get multiple Class D felonies expunged, but we will need to look at your specific circumstances to determine your options.

Talk To An Attorney Who Knows The Expungement Process In Your Area

To get a criminal conviction expunged from your record, it’s important that you have an expungement attorney who is familiar with the legal process in your particular area. Ideally, the process would be the same in every county, but the reality is that unexpected pitfalls may exist, depending on the county where a charge was prosecuted or dismissed. Our firm is familiar with the expungement process in counties throughout Kentucky. We encourage you to contact us today if you have questions about expungement in your particular case.

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