Trusted Guidance When Changing A Court Order

Many things can change in your life after a divorce, from the stability of your job to the state in which you live. While these new circumstances and situations do offer change, they can also create conflicts with court orders issued at the time of your divorce — conflicts that can be addressed through a post-divorce modification.

If a significant change in your life is creating conflicts with a post-divorce court order, then you may be able to petition the court for a modification. At C. Ed Massey & Associates, PLLC, we know this process well and can guide you through it step by step.

Child Support, Custody, Parenting Time And Other Important Issues

Our lawyers are skilled negotiators who can often find workable solutions to conflicts without fighting in court. We help many of our clients petition courts for modification of standing orders. We can help you find definitive answers to questions about:

  • How to change a child support order if you have experienced a job loss or a significant change in your income
  • Whether you need to appear in court to petition for modification
  • Shifts in parenting time/visitation arrangements when your children’s needs or schedules call for it
  • Relocation due to job opportunities, remarriage or other reasons
  • Your military service or your co-parent’s military service

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Petitioning the court to modify an existing court order may not be your strong suit, but it is for the attorneys at C. Ed Massey & Associates, PLLCContact our office located in Erlanger, Kentucky, to schedule a free initial consultation where you can get answers to your questions and help in developing a workable plan for resolving your legal challenge.