Protect Your Rights And Future From A Felony Offense

While it’s true that all criminal offenses should be taken seriously, felony offenses demand immediate attention because of the severe consequences that tend to accompany them. In many cases, even a single felony offense can lead to significant time in prison, steep fines, the loss of certain civil rights and the inability to maintain or obtain employment.

At Blankenship Massey & Associates, Attorneys at Law, our defense lawyers are experienced trial attorneys with numerous felony cases under their belts. We know that these types of criminal cases can operate differently than most, which is why we take a personalized and aggressive approach that will ensure you the best possible outcome.

What Constitutes A Felony?

A felony is defined as any crime where a mandated prison sentence is at least one year or more. Although the offenses that fall under this category differ from state to state, here are some common felony offenses in the tri-state area:

Know And Protect Your Rights Before You Give Them Up

Because a felony offense can cost you your civil rights, including your right to own firearms and your right to vote, it’s important to address felony charges quickly and with the help of an experienced defense attorney. When you retain an attorney from C. Ed Massey & Associates, you are putting more than 50 years of combined criminal defense experience at your disposal. We will make sure that you fully understand your rights before you talk to police, ensuring you don’t say something accidentally that could jeopardize your case. We will also walk you through the process, helping you develop a defense strategy that meets your needs. Although we have considerable trial experience and are known for our tough advocacy in the courtroom, we will only take the course of action that makes the most sense for you and your situation.

Contact Us For A Free Initial Consultation

Not all felony offenses have to lead to life-altering consequences. You have the right to defend yourself and fight to have a sentence decreased or a case dismissed altogether. With our help, this may be possible. To take advantage of a free initial consultation to discuss your case, contact Blankenship Massey & Associates in Erlanger and Dry Ridge, Kentucky. Call 859-905-0936 (toll free 800-491-9956) or contact us online. We are licensed to defend clients in the tri-state area of Kentucky, Ohio and Indiana.