Holding Pet Owners Accountable For Their Dangerous Animal

In many animal attack cases, the guilty animal is a dog. And while some breeds seem more vicious or dangerous than others, one simple fact remains: Any dog — or animal for that matter — can pose a threat depending on the right circumstances.

In the United States, owners are liable for the actions of their pets. This means that if a dog or pet attacks someone and causes injury, the victim can file a claim against the pet owner’s insurance. In cases of serious negligence, punitive damages may be sought in a lawsuit with help from an attorney.

We Can Help You Properly Seek Damages

The lawyers at Blankenship Massey & Associates, Attorneys at Law, are well-versed in premises liability and personal injury law and have considerable experience helping injured individuals take the appropriate action after an attack. We carefully review dog bite and animal attack cases to determine why the incident took place and if the pet’s owner knew or could have known that their animal was a threat to others. We then use the evidence we find to support a claim for compensation that meets the needs of our clients now and down the road.

Not All Bites Are Created Equal

When the jaws of a large dog meet the body of a small child, catastrophic injuries are almost certainly imminent. Even adults can suffer serious lacerations and bone fractures depending on the breed and size of the dog.

In most cases, dog bite injuries take multiple surgeries, treatments and long-term care, leaving an individual scarred or disfigured for life. Some injuries may even lead to death. Our skilled team of attorneys knows how to negotiate with insurers to get maximum compensation. We will seek damages to cover current and future expenses so that you can focus on recovering, not making ends meet.

Make The Right Decision – Talk To Us Today

It’s important to talk to an attorney immediately after an animal attack to make sure your rights are protected. You deserve compensation that covers your lost wages, medical bills and other medical expenses. We can help you recover these damages as well as your life.

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