Put Complex Property And Business Valuation In Trusted Hands

Dissolving a marriage when you own a business can present you with unique challenges you may not feel comfortable handling on your own. In addition to valuing the business, you must also divide its assets in accordance with state laws, which is no easy task if you don’t fully understand the law as a lawyer would.At Blankenship Massey & Associates Attorneys at Law, we help business owners navigate the divorce process and its many challenges, including business valuation and dividing business assets. We make sure a business owner’s best interests are protected and that assets are truly being divided fairly.

Our Commitment To Business Owners In The Tri-State Area

Business owners who put years of hard work into their business ventures want to reap the benefits, not accept a lowball settlement in a divorce. At our firm, we make sure our clients understand their rights and their options before making any decisions concerning property division and their business. We can walk you through:

  • The process of splitting a family business
  • Buy-sell agreements
  • Maintenance of a business during the process of divorce
  • Division of company assets
  • Division of stocks and bonds
  • Compliance with state and federal requirements

From beginning to end, we remain engaged and accessible, providing you with honest answers and trusted guidance every step of the way.

Put Our Experience To Work For You

Over the years, Blankenship Massey & Associates has become a trusted source for legal advice in the area of family law. We pride ourselves on our commitment to our clients and results. If you need guidance during this difficult time, then the lawyers at our firm are the right people to turn to. Contact our offices in Erlanger or Dry Ridge to schedule a free initial consultation where you can discuss the complexities of your situation. Licensed in the tri-state area, we are able to address any family law or divorce issue for business owners in Kentucky, Ohio and Indiana. Call 859-905-0936 (toll free 800-491-9956) or send us an email to get started.