Your Aggressive Military Legal Advocates

Accused military service members are entitled to free military counsel. However, when a man or woman’s liberty and career are at stake, a neutral nonmilitary attorney may make the difference between freedom and prison.

Blankenship Massey & Associates, Attorneys at Law, has extensive national military law experience. Our successful track record of defending military service members under siege has made our firm one of the most sought-after military criminal defense law offices in the United States of America and internationally. Though we are based in Erlanger, Kentucky, we represent military service members worldwide — no matter where they are stationed.

You Can Trust Our Knowledge Of Military Law

From civilian attorneys Randy Blankenship and Ed Massey, you can expect and receive a comprehensive military criminal defense at every stage. We have extensive experience with the Uniform Code of Military Justice and The Manual for Courts-Martial.

As trusted legal advisers recognized by the military courts and military service members, attorneys Blankenship and Massey have successfully combined their knowledge of military law and procedures and their in-depth criminal trial experience to keep military men and women out of prison. In one of our firm’s successful military criminal defense cases, attorney Ed Massey successfully reduced a sentence from eight and a half years in prison to nine months for a sexual harassment charge.

We Challenge Overzealous Military Prosecutors

With an increase in military prosecutions, the rights of military service members are being disregarded in many cases. Our firm has the ability to represent all of the military arenas and the civil federal courts. We are trial and appeals lawyers with nearly 50 years of experience. We routinely take cases through every level of military and civilian proceedings and tribunals, including:

  • Summary Courts-Martial
  • Special Courts-Martial
  • General Courts-Martial
  • Administrative separation hearings
  • Post-trial review
  • The Court of Criminal Appeals
  • United States Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces
  • United States Supreme Court

Regardless of the alleged violation, the stage of your case, or the military or civilian tribunal you are facing, we have the resources to defend you. We will come to you and protect your constitutional rights. We are passionate advocates with a successful track record. We know what we are doing and we go to trial to win.

Get Help To Emerge Victorious From This Ordeal

Your benefits, career and liberty are at stake. For a free consultation of your case and potential outcomes, call Blankenship Massey & Associates, Attorneys at Law, at 859-905-0936 or toll-free 800-491-9956 or send our firm an email.