Is Chapter 7 Bankruptcy The Right Solution For You?

When you can no longer meet your financial obligations and you have fallen behind on your payments, it is important to take proactive action. Ignoring the debt phone calls and letters will not make them go away. However, by retaining an experienced bankruptcy lawyer from Blankenship Massey & Associates in Erlanger or Dry Ridge, Kentucky, you can transfer the phone calls and letters from your home to our law office.

Declaring bankruptcy is an important legal right that all U.S. citizens possess. Declaring bankruptcy may be painful initially. But in the long run, many of our clients are able to reclaim their finances and build a better future.

For many struggling business owners, Chapter 7 bankruptcy can be a great option for achieving debt relief and a better financial future. Contact us to discuss your situation and your options for possibly avoiding bankruptcy. If bankruptcy is right for you and your business, we can guide you through the process.

Stop The Harassment

Soon after you retain a bankruptcy lawyer, the Bankruptcy Code requires creditors to contact you through your attorney. In this way, you don’t have to avoid your phone or your mailbox because of the debt collectors and their abusive harassment. Contacting our firm is the first step toward rebuilding your family’s finances and protecting as many assets as possible. In general, we may advise you to pursue a Chapter 7 bankruptcy when you lose your job and you don’t have a regular source of income and you have very few assets.

On the other hand, our attorneys may recommend a Chapter 13 bankruptcy proceeding when you have substantial assets and would like to keep your home.

How Does Filing For Bankruptcy Help Me?

Filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy petition can help stop repossessions and garnishments and phone calls. A successful Chapter 7 bankruptcy petition may eliminate medical, credit card and personal debt. In many cases, declaring bankruptcy can halt foreclosures so that you can arrange short sales and find new housing arrangements.

Although some loans like student loans and child support payments cannot be discharged or eliminated, by getting rid of all of your dischargeable debt, a Chapter 7 bankruptcy can buy breathing room and an excellent opportunity to rebuild your life. In Chapter 7 bankruptcy proceedings, we work to maximize all of the assets you are allowed to keep while moving to discharge as much debt as possible.

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