Guidance And Support For Aging Divorcees

Just because a couple has been married for decades doesn’t mean they aren’t experiencing marital problems and are having thoughts about dissolving the marriage. When this happens later in life, typically around the age of 50 or beyond, it is colloquially known as getting a gray divorce.Whether you’re 20 or 50, divorce is never an easy process. But for people who wait until later in life, the process of dissolving the marriage can become more complex. At Blankenship Massey & Associates, Attorneys at Law, we know the issues these complexities bring as well as strategies to help you work through them in an efficient and amicable manner.

Top Issues For Divorcing Retirees

Because of our more than 50 years of combined experience handling a wide variety of legal matters, our attorneys are able to point out and explain the many complex issues retirees and seniors will have to manage when going through gray divorce, including:

We Can Guide You Through Any Complexity

Licensed in three states – Kentucky, Ohio and Indiana – our lawyers have the experience and legal knowledge necessary to walk you through the process of dissolving a marriage later in life. We will compassionately listen to you to better understand your goals and needs in order to negotiate a divorce settlement that makes sense for you. During the entire divorce process, you can rest assured knowing your rights are being protected and that we are working toward a resolution that will help you maintain your financial viability for the rest of your life.

Work With Our Attorneys Today

Whether you’re nearing retirement age or are well past that point in your life, Blankenship Massey & Associates is here to provide honest answers and guidance through every step of the divorce process. If you’d like to schedule a free initial consultation to discuss your case, call 859-905-0936 (toll free 800-491-9956) or send us an email to reach the lawyers at both our Erlanger and Dry Ridge, Kentucky, locations.