Holidays can be a challenge during divorce

On Behalf of | Dec 6, 2017 | Child Custody, Firm News |

The annual winter holiday season can be a particularly difficult time for people going through a divorce in Kentucky and across the nation. The season is associated with family activities and long-term memories, and for divorcing couples with children, making new memories for the kids can be a challenge. Dealing positively and productively with the holidays while going through a divorce can be particularly important to promoting stability and security for children facing the end of their parents’ marriage.

Children are very much affected by their parents’ actions. Divorcing spouses can work together to make the holiday season as pleasant and warm as possible for the children, even as the parents deal with a difficult situation or a potentially contentious divorce. Renewing traditions may be one good way to help preserve children’s sense of stability, such as bringing the kids to the same traditional family activities they have enjoyed every year. On the other hand, positive new traditions can start in any given year as long as children are given the love and support they need.

It can be a good time to plan for future holidays by beginning a schedule of shared time over the special season. Children can spend time with each of their parents for the most important time for that person and enjoy a series of positive memories and joyful interactions. Scheduling multiple family celebrations on different days so that children don’t feel pulled between competing priorities can help with the transition.

During a divorce, emotional, psychological and financial concerns can be particularly difficult, especially during the holiday season. A family law attorney may be a critical part of the support network for a parent going through a divorce. A family lawyer might provide important advice and representation when negotiating divorce issues from parenting time to a final settlement.