Marriage myths that can result in divorce

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When a Kentucky couple ties the knot, their family members and friends often talk about how healthy, long-lasting marriages should be. There are often some common pieces of advice: that spouses should actively listen to each other and that marriages should always be equal. However, these two ideals can actually cause marriages to fail.

One marriage myth is that listening to a spouse and using conflict resolution techniques will save a marriage. In fact, there is even research that shows that couples are often still distressed after using the techniques. The problem is that this type of discussion pits one spouse directly against the other, potentially making the other spouse feel all of the blame for the problems.

Working together can keep a marriage healthy, but how these discussions are handled is an important factor. This is true regardless of whether or not you go to relationship counseling or marital therapy.

Another common myth is that marriages are always equal. While working together to make a household run smoothly is always important for keeping a marriage healthy, keeping a running tab of who does what can create a sense of resentment when tasks are not evenly shared. There will be times during the marriage when things are not necessarily equal, especially if the couple has kids or one spouse regularly travels due to work.

Although many Kentucky couples work hard to try and save a failing marriage, not all will be successful. In the event a marriage fails, the former couple will need to go through the divorce process so that both individuals can move on. Even if it is amicable, a family law attorney may still assist with the complexities of divorce, such as dividing up assets that were obtained during the marriage. Further, the attorney may also assist with facilitating discussion around the drafting of a parenting plan and other issues regarding the custody of any children the former couple has.