Shared parenting can help resolve custody concerns

On Behalf of | Feb 27, 2018 | Family Law, Firm News |

Dealing with child custody is often a major concern for divorced parents in Kentucky. While there are many widely held beliefs about shared parenting and child custody, many assumptions are inaccurate. Shared parenting, in which both of the parents share physical and often legal custody of a child, is an increasingly popular standard for courts working out parenting plans.

Decisions about child custody are usually based on the best interests of the child. However, that phrase can be vague and confusing, leaving room for personal biases. Research shows that the best outcomes for children of divorces are often achieved through shared parenting, which emphasizes a close relationship with both parents.

While there is excellent scientific evidence supporting shared parenting, this has done little to convince some who are affected by popular beliefs. Many people, for example, believe that children really want one home and feel insecure when moving back and forth between parents’ homes. Research with adult children, however, shows the opposite. The benefits of shared parenting far outweighed the inconvenience of moving homes.

Others support shared parenting for older kids but believe that it’s unnecessary or even damaging for babies, who should be kept close by their mothers. On the contrary, shared parenting helps both parents to bond closely with children from the earliest days of their lives.

Dealing with child custody matters can be the most difficult part of a divorce or the end of a relationship. Whether a split is being handled amicably or not, a family law attorney can work with parents to develop a child custody plan.