Parenting plans can adjust to work schedules

When Northern Kentucky parents consider divorce, they may be ready to end their marriage but be concerned about the effects on their children. More precisely, the separation from their former partner can also come along with a substantial decrease in time with their children. Child custody and visitation schedules can be complex, especially when both parents work full-time, often with varying shifts and days of the week on the job. However, custody and visitation schedules can be planned in order to meet the employment needs of both parents while encouraging a strong relationship between the parents and children after the divorce.

Child custody and visitation can be contentious issues during the divorce process as each parent works to protect their time and close relationship with their children. However, a positive co-parenting relationship can also be important to supporting the children through this time. Because a successful parenting plan should work for both parents, many family courts will encourage the parents and their lawyers to work together to agree upon a custody or visitation schedule.

In many families with a primary custodial parent, visitation with the non-custodial parent every other weekend, from Friday through Sunday nights, is a common schedule, especially when the non-custodial parent follows a traditional weekday work schedule. However, more creative scheduling options are equally valid and often well-suited to different families, whether this includes an additional weekday night of visitation or spending different days and times with each parent depending on their employment schedule.

Throughout the divorce process, parents may be particularly concerned with the child custody or visitation arrangement that comes out of family court. They might opt to have their respective attorneys assist with putting together their own plan.