The children of divorced parents often face back-to-school stress

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Schoolchildren throughout Kentucky have been returning to classrooms recently. With every academic season comes the nervous excitement of new teachers, new classmates, and new subject matter. For children and parents after divorce, the new school year can also bring uncertainty and confusion. Fortunately, there are ways to reduce the uncertainty and stress for both children and parents after a marital split.

The first key is research and communication. Both parents should research the particulars involved in the coming academic year. Furthermore, parents should communicate with each other regarding important details. For example, there may be uncertainty about who is going to pick up and deliver children to and from school and extracurricular activities. The parents need to work this out in advance and reassure the children that everything is planned in advance. This will give a child the best opportunity to focus on the task at hand and enjoy their activities without worrying about divorce and changes in routine. Ideally, the regular school pick-up and delivery schedule will be included in the parenting plan, but there are always special events that must be accounted for as well.

Every academic year brings additional expenses. Parents need a plan to equitably address the split of expenses. While some parenting plans address this topic, many do not. Parents could agree to split extra school-related expenses 50/50 or by a percentage based on income disparity. Understanding what expenses are on tap and having a plan in place can prevent future headaches and difficulty.

Like so many parenting issues, the most successful school-year arrangements involve child-focused communication. A family law attorney could help a client fight for a fair custody arrangement as well as a parenting plan that will be in the child’s best interests.