Personality traits that lead to divorce

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Marriage is typically a time of excitement, hopefulness and change for the marrying couple. Nevertheless, maintaining a marital union over the years is hard work. Couples who may not have been very compatible from the beginning are even more likely to have difficulty staying together.

While no one can predict the future, there are certain personality traits that make a union less likely to last. If couples who exhibit these habits refuse to make corrections before marriage, walking down the aisle may be ill-advised.

Couples may experience chronic stress when one party exhibits a pattern of having an exaggerated response to comparatively small incidents. Catastrophizing small events can be especially traumatic if the other person in the relationship suffers from depression or anxiety.

Materialism is another personality trait that can hurt prospects for maintaining a healthy marriage. Divorce lawyers may hear from couples in which the wife feels frustrated as a result of earning more money than her husband while expecting him to work harder.

In contrast to wanting more, being a compulsive giver can also lead to discontentment in a marriage. People sometimes over-give as a way of creating dependency versus intimacy and exercising control over their partner.

Marriages commonly fail because the couple avoids having important arguments. No relationship is without disagreement, so each party must constructively air his or her grievances to facilitate working together toward a solution.

In the event that a marriage does end, couples should attempt to keep the divorce process as civil as possible. There are multiple options for peacefully dividing assets and determining child custody matters. A Northern Kentucky divorce lawyer may help those who are considering divorce to sort through all the complex issues that often arise when married couples decide to part ways.