Stressful interactions can lead to divorce

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When people in Northern Kentucky decide to divorce, there can be a range of factors that contribute to the decision to end their marriage. Some people deal with irreconcilable differences regarding parenthood, relationship styles or even where to live. Even long-term couples can be surprised by the differences that come to light once they marry. In some cases, certain personality traits can contribute to a long period of angry, distant communication that leads couples to decide that divorce is the best option.

For example, when one partner tends to exaggerate the effect of small incidents, it can lead to the end of a marriage. This type of catastrophizing is seen most clearly when a spouse asks for a divorce over minor arguments. At some point, the other spouse may simply accept the divorce and end the relationship rather than fighting back.

In any relationship, financial issues can be a major source of strife. This is especially true when people face severe financial problems; are unable to pay their bills; or, conversely, are struggling to reach an upwardly mobile career track. The effects of these financial issues can be felt even more strongly when one or both partners see wealth as a manifestation of love or focus on acquiring material items.

In addition, while people may think that couples who never argue have a great relationship, that can be far less true if they are simply suppressing conflict. Arguments that have been repressed can later manifest in much more serious and damaging outbursts.

Whatever the reason for a couple deciding to divorce, there are several practical and legal matters involved with the end of a marriage. A family law attorney can help a divorcing individual strive to receive a just outcome in terms of property division, spousal support and other key issues.