What fathers can do to get visitation, manage child support

On Behalf of | Nov 15, 2018 | Child Custody, Firm News |

Some unmarried Kentucky fathers might struggle to get custody or visitation rights. Since the vast majority of custodial parents are mothers, fathers may also have trouble keeping up child support payments. However, these dads should still try to pay something toward support. They can always go to court and ask for a modification. In certain cases, such as after a job loss, a modification will be easier to obtain.

Some unmarried fathers may have to establish paternity before they can get visitation or custody rights. It’s possible that the father will not be listed on the birth certificate. Fathers who make an effort to establish paternity early on may have fewer obstacles compared to fathers who must be located by the court.

Another problem may arise for fathers who are faced with protection orders. These are generally initiated when issues of abuse or neglect are brought up by one parent. While most orders are legitimate, some may be the result of misunderstandings. Fathers in this situation may want to talk to an attorney about how they might regain access to their children.

In some cases, a father might be required to complete a class or a program, such as parenting classes or a substance abuse rehabilitation program. In other cases, a father may be limited to supervised visitation. This means another party must be present when the father is with the children. However, there are also situations in which parents who are divorced or who were never married might be able to amicably negotiate custody and visitation schedules without going to court. The agreement can still be made legally binding.