How to plan for the holidays as a divorced parent

On Behalf of | Dec 3, 2018 | Child Custody, Firm News |

Divorced and separated parents in Northern Kentucky may wonder how to approach the holidays. The holidays can be stressful for anyone, but they are especially hard on divorced couples and their children. However, approaching the holidays with a pre-decided plan in place can make things easier on everyone involved.

One way to make the holidays less tense for children is to eliminate the factor of unpredictability. Children of divorced parents often have concerns about what the holidays are going to look like. Giving the kids information about who they will spend which days with and who will be picking them up and dropping them off can go a long way toward eliminating their stress. Proper communication and cooperation can drastically improve the holidays for children.

Another way to lessen holiday stress is to agree ahead of time to not ask the children too many questions about what happened at the other parent’s house. It can be tempting to ask the children questions as soon as they come home, but it only leads to heightened stress for them. Instead, parents should listen with love and support and allow the kids to share their experiences freely.

Finally, people should remember that their children should always come first during the holidays. Parents should be prepared to put aside their own negative feelings, at least for a few days. This may be easier with the help of a therapist, who may be able to help a divorced individual make decisions about the visitation schedule that are not emotionally charged.

Creating a holiday plan may be easier with the help of an attorney. A lawyer with experience in child custody may be able to help a divorced parent with custody decide which days his or her ex will see the children. An attorney may also be able to help work out visitation schedules.