Texting and parenting after divorce

When parents in Northern Kentucky divorce, issues of child custody and ongoing parental relationships are often of significant concern. In most cases, children will divide their time between the households maintained by each parent. Historically, specialists have noted that children do miss the parent with whom they are not living or visiting. Technology such as texting and social media provides some relief to parents and children during their time apart.

For decades, it was presumed that the quality of a child’s relationship with each parent after divorce depended on the relationship between the ex-spouses. However, recent research has shown that what is most important is consistent contact between parent and child whether in person, online or via phone calls and texts. Without this contact, the relationship can suffer greatly, which can have a negative effect on both parent and child.

One of the advantages of online and mobile communication is that children are able to access a parent directly without having to involve the other parent in their contact. In situations where tensions between parents are high, having reliable, direct access to a parent through social media or other electronic communication channels can encourage a healthy relationship between parent and child when they cannot be together.

People who are considering getting or have already gotten divorced may find it beneficial to consult with an experienced family law attorney. In a divorce case, a lawyer may be able to review a client’s circumstances and make recommendations regarding child custody, parenting time and child support payments. After the divorce is finalized, an attorney may be able to review current custody and support arrangements and make recommendations regarding the possibility of modifications to the original agreement.