To-do list for after the divorce

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There are a number of tasks that soon-to-be ex-spouses in Kentucky may need to complete once the divorce is final. For example, many people want to change their names on their driver’s licenses, Social Security cards and other documents after the divorce.

If one spouse has included the other on health insurance, it may be necessary to remove that spouse. Other types of insurance, such as car insurance, might also need to be changed. Ex-spouses should think about retitling assets as well. There are different processes for this depending on the asset. For example, retitling a home may involve a quit claim deed. Refinancing can remove one spouse from the mortgage.

Joint accounts should be closed, and exes should be removed as users on any other accounts. If there is a retirement account that must be divided and it is not an IRA, a form called a qualified domestic relations order is required. Distributions from retirement accounts after divorce may need to be rolled into another account. All passwords for all types of accounts should be changed.

People should also revise their estate plans. This may include changing the will, trusts and powers of attorney. Beneficiary designations, which are necessary for such assets as insurance, may also need to be changed.

There are other ways in which the complications of divorce might not end with the final paperwork. For example, a couple may agree to split debt. If all the debt is in one person’s name, however, creditors may pursue that person regardless of what the divorce decree says. The couple might want to include an agreement about how to handle a situation in which one spouse stops paying off debts. This is where legal assistance from a family law attorney could help helpful.