Child support and the military

Military veterans and service members in Kentucky who have to pay child support should understand the federal regulations governing child support. Military members are required by federal regulations to pay support for their custodial and non-custodial children.

The state regulations for child support are not superseded by the federal regulations for military personnel. Instead, the federal regulations are not only used to ensure that military personnel comply with payment, but they serve as a short-term guideline for determining financial responsibilities when there are currently no legal agreements in place.

In cases in which there is a support agreement in writing between a military service member and the other parent of the child, the military service member is legally required to provide financial support according to the terms of the agreement. This also applies to cases in which there is a state court order in place. If there are no official plan for financial child support, the military will determine temporary support measures until a court order is in place.

A voluntary support agreement is used by Child Support Services to determine the appropriate level of child support for the children of a military service member. If there is no legal agreement in place, or one has not been obtained, the CCS will rely on the interim support measures determined by the military until an official long-term plan is in place.

An attorney who practices family law may assist military service members with resolving child support issues. Assistance may be provided with determining how much child support should be paid. Service members may also be advised of what legal strategies to pursue to obtain the desired terms regarding a child custody plan or changes in current child custody orders. The attorney might litigate to ensure that the proper child support amount is being paid.