Handling social media before, during and after a divorce

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There’s nothing wrong with staying connected socially online. However, there is compelling research suggesting a correlation between divorce rates and the use of certain popular social networks. While social media alone isn’t likely to be the sole reason for the end of a marriage, there are some commonly recommended guidelines individuals in Kentucky are encouraged to keep in mind before, during and after a divorce.

For instance, if divorce seems likely, spouses are advised not to post disparaging comments about one another on social media accounts. Such material could be used during divorce proceedings. It may also be helpful for a soon-to-be ex-spouse to use privacy settings and delete past posts that may be questionable. Reviewing friends lists could also minimize issues with mutual acquaintances who may take the other spouse’s side by acting as a “spy” for online social activity.

During a divorce, couples having an amicable split might decide together when to make the official announcement via social media. On the other hand, posting details of a particularly nasty divorce online could add to the tension. If children are involved, there may be an agreement not to post details of their lives during the divorce process to protect their privacy. Couples without children are generally free to use social media as they please after a divorce is finalized. However, guidelines may need to be put in place if social networks will be used to share information about the kids.

The role of social media post-marriage is largely dependent on how civil divorcing spouses are with each other. If one spouse is sharing details about assets they are trying to protect, a divorce lawyer may use such details during settlement discussions. In some instances, social media posts might also be used as evidence to prove certain allegations made by a spouse.