The faster you speed, the harsher the penalties

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When you’re driving along a familiar road, you might not realize how fast you’re going. Or, if you’re in a hurry to make an appointment or meeting on time, it can be tempting to push your car a little faster. No matter the reason, Kentucky police officers take speeding seriously.

Kentucky points system

There are harsher penalties for higher speeds, regardless of whether it’s your first time getting a speeding ticket. Most states employ a points system that tracks the number of traffic violations you have on your driver’s license. Kentucky is no exception. The points system for speeding is as follows:

  • 11 to 15 mph over the speed limit is worth three points
  • 16 to 25 mph over the speed limit is worth six points
  • 26 mph or more over the speed limit is an automatic license suspension

Points remain on your driver’s license for two years. Collecting more than 12 points within those two years will also result in license suspension.

Additional consequences

Infraction points and license suspension aren’t the only penalties you may face after receiving a speeding ticket. Most tickets also result in fines.

You can receive up to $55 worth in fines for speeding between 11 and 25 mph over the speed limit. Those fines can increase to $100 if a police officer catches you speeding over 25 mph. They will generally double in school and construction zones.

Insurance companies will also slap you with higher rates when you get pulled over for speeding. The costs of a speeding ticket can add up quickly.

What can I do after getting a speeding ticket?

You have the right to fight a speeding ticket. Winning your appeal could save you money. In addition, your points may be wiped, and your record cleaned. While there is no guarantee, it can be worth it to fight for a reduced penalty.

An alternative to challenging your speeding ticket in court is to attend traffic safety school. In some cases, you may be eligible to complete a course and have your traffic ticket dismissed and your points erased from your driver’s license.