Fatal collision victims’ families can receive damages for losses

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Unexpectedly losing a loved one can be difficult, especially if they died due to the negligence of another driver. According to Safer-America, there has been a substantial increase in fatal car crashes across the United States in the past few years.

When this happens, the loved one’s family members may be in a state of shock, disbelief, deep sadness and even anger. Their death may also present their immediate family with financial uncertainties, especially if the deceased family member was the primary breadwinner. This can leave the living spouse with bills to pay, kids to feed and other crushing expenses.

In some cases, these circumstances may leave no other option for the family than to file a wrongful death lawsuit.

Remedies available

These are a couple of relief payments families of victims can receive:

  • Financial injuries: When a loved one dies, several expenses can hurt families afterward. Whether those be medical bills, funeral costs or lost inheritance, families can receive compensation for saddling these unexpected burdens.
  • Emotional pain and grieving damages: In most cases, families of deceased loved ones feel lost, broken and sad. These feelings may cause the living spouse to grieve, which may temporarily prevent them from working. The kids may also need therapy or other professional services to cope with the loss, which can become expensive over time.

Families may also want to know that wrongful death suits in Kentucky must be brought within one year of the incident for it to fall under the state’s statute of limitations.

Families can ease their grief and anxieties

Having a family member die unexpectedly due to the negligence of another motorist can severely impact those who love them. Those whose loved one died in a fatal crash may want to contact a personal injury attorney. They can help get them the necessary compensation to live their lives and cope with their losses.