Do separated couples always end up divorced?

On Behalf of | Aug 14, 2020 | Divorce |

The choice to separate is not an easy one to make. It may come after years or months of marital problems, and it provides the opportunity for a couple to live separately for a time. A separated Kentucky couple may choose to use this time to work on problems, seek counseling and make decisions for their futures. While some are able to reunite, many separated couples do end up divorced.

One or both spouses may be emotionally invested in the decision to live apart. This means there has already been careful thought about compatibility and the desire to continue the marriage. A separation is a serious choice, even though there are times when one spouse feels more strongly about it than the other.

Living apart means that couples will have to address things they may have to work through during a divorce. This includes parenting plans, custody arrangements, financial support and more. In some cases, a separation agreement can be a precursor to a divorce agreement. For some a separation can provide clarity before making the important decision to divorce.

While living separately, one or both spouses may feel a sense of relief. Many separated couples do end up divorced. It is prudent to use this time to start preparing for the future and considering what a strong post-divorce future would look like. It may be helpful to speak with a Kentucky attorney about what a separated spouse should be doing to lay the groundwork for the next steps and make the best-informed decisions possible for long-term interests.