Husband, wife accused of drunk driving in Kentucky

On Behalf of | Oct 28, 2020 | Criminal Defense |

When a family member needs help, most people do not hesitate to provide whatever aid that they are able to offer. In fact, a man who heard his wife had been in an accident in Kentucky reportedly went to the scene to help her. Unfortunately, both the man and woman are now facing accusations of drunk driving.

Reports suggest that the 40-year-old woman crashed her vehicle into a telephone pole and a fence while she was driving under the influence. As a result of the collision, a section of the front bumper was knocked off. Officers claim that she attempted to leave the scene, but they were able to track down her vehicle by following antifreeze that was leading away from the scene.

Police say that the woman’s 42-year-old husband went to the woman’s location, where she was reportedly attempting to have the vehicle towed. Unfortunately, police say that the man was glassy eyed and smelled of alcohol when he arrived at the scene. Both the man and woman were reportedly drinking prior to the incident, though the man claimed that he had not had anything to drink in several hours.

In addition to accusations of drunk driving, the man is also reportedly facing additional charges because he had children in the vehicle with him. Because of the accusations against each of them, they now have several important decisions — decisions that could ultimately impact their ability to parent or even work. Because of this, and because many people in Kentucky facing criminal charges have little experience with the criminal justice system, many opt to ask an experienced criminal defense attorney for help.