Kentucky investigation, traffic stop leads to drug charges

Most drivers have committed a traffic infraction at some point in time. Depending on the severity of the infraction, a driver may or may not face a citation (or other consequence) if it was witnessed by a police officer. For example, a police officer may overlook a driver who fails to use a turn signal. However, police can also use traffic infractions to their advantage. In fact, law enforcement officials in Kentucky claim they arrested a man under investigation following a traffic stop, and the man now faces multiple accusations, including drug charges.

Police say that the man now facing criminal charges had been the subject of an investigation that took place over a period of two months. The investigation, according to reports, stemmed from reports that the man had been selling drugs in a parking lot. Officers conducted a traffic stop after they claimed that he had committed traffic infractions.

The traffic stop reportedly resulted in a foot pursuit. Police say the pursuit took place for approximately a block and involved the man assaulting a trooper. The man was arrested and required treatment at the hospital.

In addition to accusations of failing to signal and excessive window tint, the man is facing drug charges such as trafficking in controlled substance and unlawful possession of a meth precursor. Many people in Kentucky who are facing criminal charges feel overwhelmed by their situation and unprepared to determine whether they were treated lawfully. An attorney with experience with criminal defense cases can help them evaluate all of the issues surrounding their arrest and take appropriate action.