No need to face military law issues alone

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Like most military service members in Kentucky, when you signed up to serve, you no doubt felt proud and eager to serve your country, whether you were planning to make a career of it or to serve a specific amount of time but not reenlist. Either way, if a legal problem has arisen during your service, you may be feeling stressed and worried about what the ultimate outcome of your case will be. Depending on the issue, such matters may not only have a negative impact on your current military status but can have far-reaching, long-term consequences, as well.

Common issues you might face regarding military law

The following list includes numerous legal issues that might arise during your service in the U.S. military:

  • Court-martial proceeding
  • Administrative separation hearing
  • Post-trial review
  • Court of appeals issues

Each of these is a broad term referring to any number of complex issues regarding military conduct, criminal law or other important matters that can have an immediate or long-term effect on your military career, post-military civilian life or both.

Seek clarification of military law before heading to court

If you’re charged with a military law violation, you are guaranteed an opportunity to present a defense to refute the charges or to try to mitigate your circumstances. The military Code of Conduct is basically what separates its laws and punishments from civilian law. Before heading to court on a military issue, it’s helpful to speak to someone who is well-versed in this specific type of legal process in order to know your rights and determine a best course of action to protect them.

You may have a lot at stake

Your career benefits and military rank and status may be at stake if you’re charged with a violation. Your personal freedom might be on the line, as well. In Kentucky, Blankenship, Massey & Associates, Attorneys at Law, is experienced in all aspects of military legal processes and is committed to providing strong support to any servicemember in need of administrative process support, as well as those facing criminal charges or accusations of a military code violation.