Did you slip and fall at a Kentucky airport?

Kentucky airports are busy places that are often bustling with travelers, employees and guests who have come to bid their loved ones farewell or to pick up a friend or family member who is arriving by plane. With so many people coming and going, there are bound to be potential problems, such as trash that has fallen onto the floor, spilled drinks or obstacles created by luggage that is lying around near boarding areas.  

Be aware of airport dangers when traveling 

When entering or exiting an airport, one of the main safety concerns should always be not to trip over anyone or anything. There is also a risk for injury on stairways and escalators. Airport parking lots, as well, should always be navigated with caution, especially when shuttle buses are transporting passengers back and forth from the terminal to the parking areas.  

Slip-and-fall injuries often occur in airports 

A person might be walking to a restroom, working his or her way toward baggage pickup or simply taking a stroll around an airport while waiting for his or her plane to board. If airport staff has not done its job to keep walkways clear of debris and safe for visitors, a slip-and-fall accident could occur that results in severe injury. If a person slips on a spilled drink, for instance, he or she might suffer a back strain, a concussion or a fractured bone.  

Who covers medical expenses for slip-and-fall injuries that occur in an airport? 

If a slip-and-fall accident occurs in an airport, numerous entities might be deemed responsible. For instance, airport officials, shuttle bus drivers, kiosk attendants, vendors or other people who are determined to have acted with negligence in some way that caused an accident and resulted in physical injury, emotional trauma or economic damages to someone. A recovering slip-and-fall victim can seek restitution in a civil court by filing a personal injury claim.