A tragic fatal collision in Kentucky

All licensed drivers in Kentucky are obligated to adhere to all traffic laws and safety regulations. Commercial truck drivers must obey stringent regulations regarding tractor-trailers and other massive delivery trucks. The average driver understands that traveling a safe distance behind another vehicle helps avoid a collision if traffic suddenly comes to a stop. A recent collision occurred recently, however, when a tractor-trailer driver slammed into the back of a woman’s car.

The truck driver was unable to stop in time

Traffic had come to a stop on Interstate 24 on a recent Sunday morning. A tractor-trailer driver noticed the change in the traffic pattern but was unable to bring his big rig to a halt before crashing into the rear of a vehicle and then hitting seven other cars, as well. A woman was behind the wheel of the first vehicle that was hit, and she was carrying several children as passengers.

The force of impact when the tractor-trailer hit her from behind sent her car tumbling across the road, winding up on its roof. The woman and several of her children suffered injuries in the crash. Sadly, her 4-year-old child did not survive. Numerous people in the other vehicles also suffered injuries; however, there are no reports stating that the tractor-trailer driver had any injuries.

Recovering from a fatal collision

When a Kentucky traveler suffers injuries in a collision, there is bound to be physical pain and discomfort for days, perhaps even weeks to come. There may also be severe emotional trauma, especially when a child has died, as in this case. Grieving families undoubtedly need as much support as they can get as they try to piece their lives back together after a tragedy like this one. Many families seek support from an experienced personal injury law attorney, particularly those who decide to file a wrongful death claim in a civil court when driver negligence is deemed to have been a causal factor in a loved one’s death.