Police say fatality was apparent at collision site

Kentucky police are often dispatched when a motor vehicle accident occurs. A recent incident sent several officers to a scene where they found a deceased victim. The officers stated that they could immediately tell that a man lying at the scene of the crash was dead.  

The man had been operating a motorcycle moments earlier 

During preliminary investigations, police learned that the decedent had been riding a motorcycle when a collision occurred with another vehicle. The local coroner’s department was notified and was also dispatched to the scene to investigate. It was confirmed that the 34-year-old motorcyclist had suffered blunt force trauma upon impact in the collision, which resulted in his death.  

SUV driver was transported to a hospital for treatment 

The driver of the other vehicle suffered injuries in the collision and was taken to an area hospital. The injuries were listed as not life-threatening. In the aftermath of the crash, a reconstruction unit arrived in order to try to determine exactly what or who may have caused the accident.  

The long-term implications of collision often include litigation 

If a Kentucky collision is determined to have been caused by driver negligence, especially when there has been a fatality, a personal injury claim or wrongful death claim may be filed in a civil court. In a personal injury claim, a recovering accident victim may seek restitution against the person whose negligence caused damages. In a wrongful death claim, an immediate family member of a fatally injured accident victim may seek financial recovery for documented losses.