What should I know about slip and fall accidents?

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Slip and fall accidents can happen anywhere and at any time to anyone. While you may think they are something that happens only to older people, that is not true. However, there are many statistics that will help you assess your risk better.

The National Floor Safety Institute explains women suffer slip and fall accidents more often than men. However, men are more likely to have such an accident while at work. Here are some other important facts to understand.

Work falls

Falls are a common work-related injury. They cause the most claims to workers’ compensation, and they are responsible for the most missed days of work. On average, a fall accident will make you lose at least a month of work. Every industry has fall risks, but the most dangerous are those within the maintenance, mining and construction industries.


Most of the time if you suffer an injury from a slip and fall, it will be a broken bone. Hip fractures are the most common and most serious injury related to falls.

Contributing factors

One of the main reasons for falls is bad flooring or floor conditions. They usually do not happen from heights, either. Most falls are at ground level, so they are a typical slip and fall accident.

Every fall is dangerous. The way you land often will determine what happens next. You may be able to get up and brush it off, or you may suffer a terrible injury. The potential for serious injury from a fall is well worth avoiding. So be aware of fall dangers and do what you can to prevent them.