Fighting possession of fentanyl charges

Was your arrest on possession of fentanyl charges really a wake-up call? Maybe it was. Only you can answer that. But you know that you have had an addiction problem for some time, and you have wanted to overcome it.

You told yourself that you had just planned on one more score, and then you would seek help. But you had done this many times before. Now, criminal charges confront you. One more last chance has led you into a conundrum. The penalties for possession of fentanyl are harsh and include incarceration and hefty fines.

Did the officer properly conduct the arrest?

You have an addiction, and you should not be punished any more for it. But the state has laws on the books that address fentanyl – a highly addictive pain killer that has swept the nation and Kentucky. Government officials deemed the opioid problem an epidemic a decade ago, and it has continued unabated.

You know that you need help, but now you have become ensnared in the legal system following an arrest. As much as you lobby for rehabilitation, you may still face extreme consequences. However, rehabilitation remains a possible route to avoiding criminal penalties.

If you are arrested for possession of fentanyl, please limit what you say to authorities. Then quickly seek the advice of a criminal defense attorney who will help you determine whether the arresting officer followed proper protocol during the arrest. For example, did you consent to a search for the drugs? Did the officer have reasonable suspicion in searching you or your vehicle? Talk to an attorney before talking with authorities.

Getting back on track

Working with an attorney can help you limit the effects of a criminal charge. A legal ally will work to get the charges reduced or dismissed by pursuing alternatives that include enrollment in a rehabilitation program. This can help you turn around your life and say goodbye to a troubled past.