How prevalent is drowsy driving?

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Every time you drive, it is crucial to make sure you are able to focus on the road and stay safe. Unfortunately, some drivers get behind the wheel even though they are unable to concentrate and follow traffic safety guidelines, whether they are under the influence of alcohol or too tired to drive safely. Drowsy driving is especially dangerous and shatters many lives in a matter of seconds.

You should go over statistics on drowsy driving in order to understand how widespread this dangerous behavior is. Moreover, do not stay silent if a drowsy driver has turned your life upside down.

Data on the prevalence of drowsy driving

According to statistics provided by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 2017 saw an estimated 91,000 traffic accidents involving drowsy drivers. However, the NHTSA notes that it is especially difficult to pinpoint the exact number of drowsy driving crashes. In comparison to drunk driving and other accident causes, those investigating drowsy driving accidents have to rely on clues and it is harder to determine how many drowsy driving accidents occur.

The consequences of drowsy driving

Over the course of 2017, accidents involving a drowsy driver resulted in almost 800 fatalities and left 50,000 people hurt, according to estimates. Drivers become drowsy for various reasons, such as working excessive hours and failing to get the right amount of sleep. On the road, drowsiness can make it difficult for drivers to concentrate, and some even fall asleep behind the wheel.

If you are struggling with serious injuries or other hardships following a drowsy driving accident, you need to carefully approach the recovery process.