Can a shifting load cause a truck to crash?

To others, it may look as though there was no specific strategy used to load your cargo trailer. However, you know that the way you place your freight can make a considerable difference in your safety and the efficiency of your drive.

A poorly loaded trailer combined with reckless driving practices can definitely cause shifts in cargo. When this happens, you could end up in a precarious situation that could jeopardize your safety.

Know your load

Prior to embarking on a job, you should have ample information about the load you plan to transport. You should know what you will carry, how much it weighs and any safety risks involved. If possible, supervise loading procedures to verify that all techniques and equipment used have met federal safety regulations.

Before leaving, double and triple check the security of any straps, locks and cords that you will rely on for stabilization of the load. Even at pits stops, take a quick minute to check that your load remains secure even after movement on the road. Always carry extra rachet straps so you can promptly replace worn-out ones.

Proceed with caution

Complying with all traffic laws can reduce your risks of crashing. Depending on your load, its contents could shift or spill which can unexpectedly change the weight distribution of your trailer. If this happens, you could lose control and crash. According to, avoid reckless driving. Sudden lane changes, speeding and swerving can all impact your load.

If you have suffered injuries in a truck crash, you may need to deal with lifelong challenges. Understanding the risks of your job may help you stay vigilant so you can protect your well-being.