Fog, low visibility and traffic crashes

On Behalf of | Mar 2, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

When driving, you need to remain vigilant at all times. Many different hazards can result in a serious collision, from traffic congestion to others using their phone behind the wheel. In fact, poor weather can also cause a crash, including fog and other weather conditions that interfere with visibility.

It is crucial for drivers to take a look at data on fog and other weather-related risks.

Data on fog and traffic crashes

The Federal Highway Administration reports that during a typical year, more than 38,000 traffic accidents take place during foggy conditions. Furthermore, these accidents lead to over 16,300 injuries and 600 deaths per year. Fog can lead to a traffic accident in various ways. In addition to preventing drivers from seeing other vehicles and hazards in front of them, fog can also lead to speed variance. When vehicles travel at drastically different speeds, the likelihood of a collision goes up.

Other visibility-related traffic crash risk factors

On top of fog, other weather conditions can lead to motor vehicle accidents. For example, wind can blow dust, smoke and snow, interfering with a driver’s ability to see the road. Heavy precipitation can also make it very hard, if not impossible, for drivers to see what is in front of them. It is critical to exercise caution when driving during poor visibility, and in some cases it is smart to stay off of the road altogether.

If the negligent behavior of another driver caused an accident during foggy weather, such as someone who drove too fast when visibility was very poor, you need to take action.