Older adult deaths and injuries due to falls

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If you worry about your safety as an older adult, or have concerns about a loved one, it is critical to understand the prevalence of falls among older adults and the consequences of these accidents. Every year falls shatter the lives of many older adults and their families. These falls frequently lead to devastating injuries, and some even result in the loss of life.

Data reveals just how widespread these falls are, and it should serve as a reminder to stay vigilant.

Unsettling statistics on older adult falls

Statistics published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show that falls involving older adults accounted for three million emergency department visits over the course of 2019. Older adults, those 65 and over, also face the risk of death due to falling down. In fact, 34,000 older adults lost their lives in falls in 2019. Falls caused more fatalities than any other injury-related death for older adults in 2019.

The consequences of falling down as an older adult

If you fall down, you could face various hardships. From a physical point of view, you could experience significant pain, lose the ability to walk and struggle with immobility or other hardships that stay with you for the rest of your life. A fall could jeopardize your ability to continue living independently.

Falls also generate significant costs. In fact, the CDC reports that falls involving older adults result in $50 billion worth of medical expenses each year. If you face challenges after falling down because of the negligence of a business owner or property owner, make sure you carefully assess your options and legal rights.