How can a multitasking driver cause a car crash?

When you are sharing the road, you may begin to notice the different ways that people in trucks or cars drive.

One common issue many drivers face is dealing with distracting items or conversations inside their vehicles. While these people may assume they can handle multitasking, these actions can actually lead to a serious crash.


According to the United States Department of Transportation, a person who thinks they can travel at high speeds and text or start a phone call may underestimate how slowly they will react in an emergency. When an obstacle is in their way, every second counts.

Successfully swerving out of the way to avoid hitting another car or pedestrian means this person needs to have their eyes and mind focused on the road in front of them.

Lack of attention

Thinking of what words to say while typing out a message requires sustained attention from a driver. When a person is on a road that may not require as much turning or braking, such as a long highway, they may feel tempted to pull their phone out while still operating their vehicle.

This multitasking can make them more vulnerable to not processing information at a proper speed. Even looking away at a billboard or a person outside the vehicle can lead to a crash.

Slower reaction time

When you are looking directly at the cars around you, you can stop or slow down as soon as you notice danger. However, a person who is looking away or talking to another person in the car may not react as quickly.

Understanding why multitasking is harmful can help you if you are in a crash with a distracted person.