What are the leading causes of a slip and fall?

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A stumble or a slip may result in more than wounded pride. You may suffer an injury that is more than inconvenient.

Slips and falls can happen for various reasons, but not all of them fall on the shoulders of the property owner. Take a look at some of the things property owners overlook that may lead to your injury.

What is causing a wet floor?

A wet floor is a frequent cause of slips and falls. Sometimes, the color of the floor makes it hard to see wet areas. The material itself may make the surface slicker.

The most common causes of wet floors are condensation from refrigeration units, roof leaks and tracked-in rain. Property owners must protect patrons by displaying signs warning of the floor conditions if they cannot cure it immediately.

Are icy steps their responsibility?

Contrary to belief, a property owner should also maintain conditions outside a building. Icy steps and railings, for instance, are dangerous. During the winter months, it is up to the owner to clear off walkways, sidewalks and steps to ensure that anyone coming to the building does not become a victim of icy conditions.

Is a wet floor the only dangerous condition?

While most slips and falls are due to a wet floor, it is not the only danger. Any obstacle, such as stacked merchandise, can become a slipping or tripping hazard. Cracked tiles and raised carpeting may make it easier for some footwear to become lodged and cause you to fall.

When out, keep a sharp out for obstacles or hidden hazards. If you spot something, inform the responsible party so it no longer poses a danger to the public.